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Urgent Care - Walk In Clinic located at 903 N 2nd Street
PhoenixAZ  (Arizona)  85004
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Magellan of Arizona’s Urgent Psychiatric Care Center is located in downtown Phoenix and provides evaluation and stabilization as well as inpatient services to people experiencing mental health crises. The UPC, which receives almost 15,000 visits per year, is staffed around the clock by doctors, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals.

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Dr. Paige Hamilton went over my prescription list, made some recommendations for Dr's, and even told me that, based upon the meds I've been on, my Dr had misdiagnosed me for the last 5 years which is when she said I was BiPolar but for years before that, she had diagnosed and been treating me for Severe Depression. I was SO APPRECIATIVE to Dr Hamilton, but pissed at the woman who treated me incorrectly and regardless of my serious mood fluctuations.
Dr. Hamilton was added as a care star on 12/15/2012

Dan, CM Justin and the Psychiatrist. All were very good listeners and effective at their jobs.
Dan,Justin and Psychiatrist was added as a care star on 5/28/2012

Dr. Jane. She was so clear and concise and when I left there after speaking to her, i felt hope. She seemed to be the most knowledgeable doctor they have as well as compassionate.
Dr. Jane was added as a care star on 5/25/2011

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- Urgent Mental Health Care Available

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- Monday 24/7
- Tuesday 24/7
- Wednesday 24/7
- Thursday 24/7
- Friday 24/7
- Saturday 24/7
- Sunday 24/7
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