Tips for Touring a Rehabilitation Hospital

rehabilitation hospital
Need care at a rehabilitation hospital, but not sure which one? Many people find touring the rehab hospitals on their list help them make a decision. If you cannot visit the hospital yourself, try sending a family member or trusted friend in your place. If you need a list of rehab hospitals in your area, use the search tool below.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when you tour the rehab hospital:
  1. What are the rehabilitation hospital’s visitation hours? Are there any guest limits or age restrictions?
  2. Ask to see the therapy rooms and see the equipment you or your loved one will use.
  3. Ask if there are group counseling sessions for the patient and family. Many times the patient and family need information on disabilities and what changes it will bring into their lives.
  4. Ask if there are private rooms available.
  5. Ask to tour a bedroom. Verify there is enough room to accommodate wheel chairs. Verify bathrooms and showers are also set up to accommodate you.
  6. Is the staff friendly and professional?
  7. Is the facility clean?
  8. For the specific rehabilitation you need, ask how many cases a year they treat.
  9. Observe the noise levels in the halls. Verify noises are kept to a minimal, especially at night.
  10. Verify there is ample parking for your guests. Ask if there are any parking fees.
After you're finished with your tour, please remember to visit and write a short review on the rehabilitation hospitals you toured. Your feedback is invaluable to others who cannot visit the rehabiliation hospital themselves.

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