What is Private Duty Non-Medical Home Based Care? Why Would I Need Private Duty Home Care?

non-medical home based care
Private duty home care agencies generally provide in-home assistance or non-skilled nursing care to the elderly, sick, injured or disabled to assist them with daily living and improve independence.

According to the National Private Duty Association, private duty home care agencies are companies that provide home care aides, companion care, homemaker services and may provide nursing services in the client's home or place of residence. "Private duty" means private pay. In other words, no government monies are used for the cost of care. The most common methods for covering the cost of private duty home care is through long term care insurance benefits, out of pocket, or other types of savings arrangements.

Private duty caregivers can even assist new moms just home from the hospital to help them recover and care for their new baby.

How do you select the best private duty non-medical home care?

Private duty home care is a rapidly growing industry with new providers popping up every day. You have so many choices, it can be overwhelming! But it doesn’t have to be. The key is to research all your options. When choosing a private duty home care agency, consider these factors:

1. How long the private duty homecare has been in business.

2. The non-medical home care's caregiver screening process: Does it include reference checks, criminal history and drug screening?

3. Whether the private duty non-medical home care actually employs the caregiver. Some private duty home care may actually be placement services, which make you the employer and therefore liable for employment taxes and other responsibilities.

4. Reputation for quality and service: This may be hard to determine, but with a little research, it should become clear. Start by asking friends and family for their recommendations. Have they used any non-medical home care (or perhaps heard about any from people they know)? Then get online. Do your own background check by searching on the name of the agency (or individual). See if you can find any social media profiles, blogs, websites, online reviews. How's their reputation? Are reviews favorable?

The National Private Duty Association recommends
In addition, the National Private Duty Association recommends you ask these specific questions of your prospective home care providers:

1. How do you recruit your caregivers?
2. Should a scheduling conflict occur, are there trained back-up caregivers?
3. Are your caregivers bonded and insured?
4. Are the caregivers employees of the provider and who handles payroll and required taxes for the caregiver?
5. What type of background checks and screening do you do?

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