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located on 903 N 2nd Street Phoenix AZ, 85004
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This is the worst psych facility in maricopa county!! Sent my husband home 3 days after a serious suicide attempt saying he was fine now!
-Caregiver review, submitted on 10/1/2013

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The care was horrific. Constantly loosing paper work like release forms is unacceptable. The staff was rude and made it impossible to seek information on my mother who was there. I wanted to specifically write this review to make sure people do not send their loved ones to connections az. She left after with her worst injury even WORSE. Only once spoke to the doctor once she was being discharged. The staff acts like they are on a vacation, zero patience and are very rude
-Visitor review, submitted on 9/25/2013

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A social worker committed A LOT of fraud in my medical record. This facility needs an extreme quality control makeover!
-Patient review, submitted on 8/17/2013

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Went against all HIPAA laws by discussing my treatment in front of a lobby with people waiting! PA treated me like crap and prescribed me medications I was allergic to-see complaint on PA AZ Board.The social worker's response was well, she gave you what she gave you. I had to push further to receive something else but it was still something I had before that did not work! I did not have any say as to what I was prescribed.I appreciate the service being free but that does not justify abuse.
-Patient review, submitted on 3/2/2013

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The people who worked the floor were very good. They actually cared. Dr Rabi was excellent. As for other drs, case workers etc....they were HORRIBLE. My husband put me there not knowing how it was. Ladies and men both were sleeping on floor....they would shoot people up to make them sleep. I was there for 3 days. Dr rabi was surprised. I never was released. I don't have mental illness, Some people should be there but were released and I was kept. I don't recommend it unless last resort.
-Patient review, submitted on 2/27/2013

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