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Urgent Psychiatric Care (Upc)
903 N 2nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85004
Number of review comments: 47

They violate basic human rights, violate constitutional rights, are physically, mentally & emotionally abusive to patients.
-Caregiver review, submitted on 8/21/2017

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This place is a nightmare come true. I thought they did away with institutions like this decades ago. Arizona is only one out of 4 states th
-Patient review, submitted on 8/21/2017

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I was given 150 mg of Thorazine which was not needed at all! I could hardly walk and talked like my tongue was swollen. It was horrible!
-Patient review, submitted on 7/14/2017

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Incredibly helpful, probably saved my life. They will help you when you are at the end of your rope and you can't see any way out.
-Patient review, submitted on 8/10/2016

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Homeless son discharged at night without adequate discharge plan.Staff rude,poor psychiatric decisions for my mentally ill son.
-Caregiver review, submitted on 2/20/2016

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