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Patient Satisfaction Solutions

WhereToFindCare.com patient and visitor reviews are the perfect alternative to expensive and cumbersome survey systems. Obtain the information you need while reducing expenses and promoting your exceptional care.

  • FREE! Eliminate survey, postage and administrative costs charged by big survey firms. Don’t you wonder why they cost so much? Enhanced services such as data downloads, advanced reporting and surveyor contacts via intermediary may be purchased for a nominal fee. Contact us for more information.
  • Multi-dimensional feedback – Your patients are not the only ones making health care choices. Their caregivers and visitors are also forming opinions and may be choosing your competitor based on their experience with you. Don’t let your competitors gain because you missed their valuable input.
  • To the point – You won’t get lost in an array of meaningless data. Review questions are specific and geared to the most important issues.
  • Actionable – Your review scores will point you in the right direction so you can start improving right away.
  • Instant results – You can see review scores in real time, as they are entered.
  • 24-7 access - View your data any time, day or night.
  • Environmentally friendly – Many organizations are improving public perception by “going green.” Our system allows you to eliminate or reduce paper-based surveys.
  • Larger sample sizes – Don’t miss anyone’s opinion. Now you can afford to increase sample size to 100%!
  • Positive staff recognition – Our reviews ask respondents to comment on those who provide exceptional care during their experience. This information is invaluable to employee morale, provides positive reinforcement and positive examples from which staff can learn.
How it Works
1. Simply direct your patients and visitors to www.WhereToFindCare.com where they can easily locate your home page. Some tips to direct respondents to us:
  • Print "Rate us at WhereToFindCare.com" on items like
    • discharge forms
    • small hand-out cards
    • a link on your website
    • signs in patient rooms and common areas
  • Instruct discharge planners and others in the discharge process to notify patients and visitors
  • Download our logo for use in promotional materials
  • WhereToFindCare.com will be happy do discuss alternatives with you and may consider partnering with you in educating your patients and visitors. Please contact us for more information.
2. Your patients and visitors complete a review.
3. View your results by visiting your WhereToFindCare.com home page. It’s that easy!

For more information or for customized solutions, please contact us.

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