Tips for Living at a Nursing Home

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1. Know your rights: Nursing home residents have certain rights and protections under the law (but they tend to vary state by state). Stay informed by obtaining a copy of your rights from the nursing home.

2. See room for improvement? Speak up! If you want a specific meal or different snacks, talk to the dietary manager. Have an idea for a new activity? Speak to the activity coordinator.

3. Having problems? Report your problems to the staff involved. They may not know there is a problem if you don’t discuss it with them. If it’s still not resolved, talk to the supervisor. You may also want to find out about the grievance process at the nursing home and follow it.

4. Preventive care: Don’t forget about preventive care while living at a nursing home. Remember your flu shot, pneumonia shot, routine check-ups and other preventive care!

5. Attend resident council meetings: Resident council meetings meet on a regular basis(usually monthly). The goal of these meetings is to improve communications between the residents and the facility, and to improve services. It's a chance to dispel rumors, suggest new ideas, and identify problems that need correcting. Make sure your voice is heard and attend these meetings.

6. Get involved! Nursing homes offer activities programs, giving residents a great opportunity to socialize and meet neighbors. Check with the activity department for a calendar of events. Events can include movie night, game night, holiday parties, bingo, bowling, church, outings to the park, yard sales, and a community bbq.

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