How to Prepare to Enter Hospice

With the patient admitted to hospice, family members need to locate two keys forms:
1. Advanced directives
2. Patient advocate forms

Advanced directives is a document which identifies the patient's care and treatment decisions.

A patient advocate form outlines not only the treatment decisions but identifies the person to be contacted regarding those decisions.

At times, the patient may leave the decision making up to the patient advocate. If advanced directives or patient advocate forms need to be completed, please request that information from the chosen hospice services. In the event your family member does not have these form completed, most hospice care providers will recommend those be completed as it is part of the care plan.

Discuss insurance and other fees

In addition, the patient or family member may want to discuss the insurance coverage for the hospice care.

Most insurance plans will provide coverage for the hospice services, however there may be copays or uncovered services for items such as medical supplies that the patient or family member needs to be aware of. Please ask the hospice provider for a predetermination of benefits.

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