What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

ambulatory surgery center
Ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) are freestanding entities that may be hospital-operated or independently run. There are thousands of ambulatory surgery centers in the United States. Most enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and layout, providing a very comfortable setting for surgical patients and their caregivers.

Services provided by a surgery center

Surgeries are performed at an outpatient surgery center. They are typically short and do not require an overnight stay. If a patient is evaluated and deemed to be at risk for additional monitoring beyond the normal recovery period for the procedure, the patient may be redirected to an inpatient care setting to insure continue care monitoring is available overnight. Some ambulatory surgery centers are highly specialized in procedures they offer such as orthopedics, eye, and infertility while others offer surgeons the ability to perform all procedures they are credentialed to do.

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Ambulatory surgery centers are also known as surgery centers, ASC, outpatient surgery centers, & surgical centers.