What is a Rural Health Center? Why Would I Need Rural Health Center?

rural health center
The purpose of a rural health center is to provide primary care services in underserved rural areas. Rural health centers receive this designation from the Health Resources and Services Administration if they are determined to be in a non-urban area which has a shortage of primary care medical services. The rural health clinic services act (public law 95-210) was created in 1977.

Rural health clinics typically provide physician services, onsite laboratory testing, and have arrangements with hospitals to furnish services not available at the rural health centers. Patients who visit an rural health clinic may see a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. Sometimes rural health centers may offer home visits by a registered professional to the homebound.

How do you choose the best rural health center?

Below are some factors to consider when selecting a rural health clinic:

1. Location: Make sure the rural health center is within a comfortable travel distance.

2. Insurance: Verify the rural health center takes your insurance. (Uninsured? Make sure to compare prices and fees).

3. Services: Verify the health center can provide care for your medical condition.

4. Quality: Does the health center provide quality care? Look online for reviews to see what experiences others have had at the center. Ask family and friends for recommendations.

How can WhereToFindCare.com help you find the best rural health clinic?

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