What is a Federally Qualified Health Center? Why Would I Need a Federally Qualified Health Center?

federally qualified health center
Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) are medical clinics that provide a variety of health care services in underserved rural and urban areas throughout the United States. They offer primary care services and are open typically at least 5 days a week. Some additional services offered at FQHC are specialized screenings such as thyroid function test, cholesterol, child eye and ear examinations, nutritional assessment and referral. Services may vary from clinic to clinic, so be sure to research before going.

How do you choose the best federally qualified health center?

Below are some factors to consider when selecting a federally qualified health clinic:

1. Location: There are thousands of federally qualified health centers across the United States, so make sure the FQHC you pick is within a comfortable travel distance.. You can obtain a list of federally qualified health centers in your area by using our search tool above.

2. Services provided: Services provided can vary from center to center, so verify the FQHC provides the care you need.

3. Quality: Quality is often overlooked but extremely important. WhereToFindCare.com is the only place that gives you a quality score to assist you in choosing a federally qualified health center. When it's available, you'll find the quality score on the FQHC's profile page.

4. Hours of operation: Verify the federally qualified health center is open at times and days that fit your schedule.

5. Recommendations: Word of mouth recommendations can tell us whether we can get along with providers on a personal level. Ask friends, family, and other associates if they have had experiences with the federally qualified health centers on your list.

6. Reviews: Research online reviews-they are a valuable resource. They can give you a better picture of whether patients received quality care at the federally qualified health centers.

Have you had experiences with federally qualified health centers in your area?

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