What are Radiology Services? Why Would I Need Radiology Services?

radiology services
A radiology service is a health care provider that specializes in the use of radiation or other special imaging technologies to aid in the diagnosis of medical conditions. Some of the radiology testing available at radiology centers are:

1. X-Ray: A diagnostic test that uses radiation to produce images of internal bones, organs, and tissues onto film.

2. Ultrasound: A diagnostic test that uses high frequency sound waves to creates images of internal body parts.

3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): A diagnostic scanning system that uses powerful magnets to produce images of internal body parts.

4. Computed Tomography (CT) Scans: Also know as Computed Axial Tomography or CAT Scans, it is a diagnostic test that uses a series of two dimensional X-rays, aided by computers, to generate three-dimensional images of internal body parts.

5. Mammography: The process of using x-rays to examine the human breast, with the goal of early detection of breast cancer.

How do you choose the best radiology center?

The key is to research your choices and make sure the radiology center you select meets your needs and provides quality care. Below are some factors to consider when selecting radiology services:

1. Testing provided: Verify the radiology center provides the testing that you need.

2. Location: Make sure the radiology center is within a comfortable travel distance.

3. Insurance: Verify the radiology center accepts your insurance, either by contacting the radiology center or contacting your insurance provider.

4. Quality: Does the center provide quality care? Ask people you know which center they recommend. Research centers online. Are reviews favorable? What do current and previous patients say?

5. Availability: Check out the hours of operation for the radiology center. Many times these exams take 1-2 hours to complete and people tend to schedule the tests before or after work. Some radiology clinics may offer weekend hours to accommodate your schedule.

6. Bedside manner: Some tests take several hours to complete and some may be a little painful. It's important that healthcare professionals be calm and compassionate, so you are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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