What is a Psychiatric Hospital? Why Would I Need a Psychiatric Hospital?

psychiatric hospital
A psychiatric hospital is a hospital that specializes in the care of serious mental disorders/diseases. Inpatient psychiatric hospitals require overnight stay for therapy (on average between 8-10 days). Patients may be admitted to one of two types of psychiatric hospitals: Free-standing facilities or psychiatric units within acute care hospitals.

Partial hospitalization programs are also available for patients who are not suicidal. These programs allow patients to reside at home and commute to treatment.

The majority of inpatient psychiatric hospital admissions are voluntary, meaning a patient has recognized that he or she needs help and has sought assistance. Involuntary admissions are possible if a patient exhibits signs that he or she poses a threat to him/herself or others. This is less common and requires a legal process to continue holding a person involuntarily.

In either case, patients must meet certain criteria in order to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Otherwise, patients are referred to outpatient resources such as counseling or therapy.

How to select the best psychiatric hospital

Choosing a psychiatric hospital is a decision that can affect your health and the rest of your life. Unfortunately, most people don’t even consider their options and simply use whichever hospital is closest or wherever they are referred. This is probably because the stigma of needing treatment for mental health is still very much alive, preventing those affected to ask questions or seek recommendations. However, with WhereToFindCare.com, you can research your options across the country and even seek recommendations from others in the privacy of your home.

The key is to research your choices so you find a psychiatric hospital that fits your needs and provides quality care. Here are some factors you should consider:

1. Services: Where to seek care depends on what you need. The most common needs are treatment for psychiatric, addictive and behavioral disorders. Many psychiatric hospitals are equipped to provide all of these treatments; however some stand-alone hospitals specialize in certain treatments and should also be considered. Also, some psychiatric hospitals are unable to treat physical ailments. You will be screened during the admission process and advised on appropriate facilities capable of treating your conditions.

2. Location In an emergency, the closest hospital to you is always the best, if not the only option. However in cases where an extended hospital stay is expected, consider psychiatric hospitals close to relatives and loved ones. This will allow for more frequent visitation(which helps in the recovery process).

3. Insurance: Verify the psychiatric hospital takes your insurance.

4. Quality: Quality is often overlooked but extremely important. WhereToFindCare.com is the only place that gives you a quality score to assist you in choosing a psychiatric hospital. The quality score is the percentage of people who rated their psychiatric hospital on WhereToFindCare.com and said they received quality care. When it's available, you'll find the quality score on the psychiatric hospital's profile page.

5. Recommendations: Word of mouth recommendations can tell us whether we can get along with providers on a personal level. Ask friends, family, and other associates if they have had experiences with the psychiatric hospitals on your list.

6. Reviews: Research online reviews-they are a valuable resource. They can give you a better picture of whether patients received quality care at the psychiatric hospital.

7. Amenities: Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you should consider all the other things each psychiatric hospital has to offer (ie various amenities). Pick a psychiatric hospital when you'll feel as comfortable as possible.

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Psychiatric hospitals are also know as psych hospitals, mental hospitals, psych wards, psych units, & mental health facilities.

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