What is Geriatric Care Management?

geriatric care management
Geriatric care management is defined as services provided to senior citizens to help them deal with everyday problems and crisis intervention.

These services are provided by a geriatric care manager, (GCM), who is generally a social worker, nurse, or another healthcare specialist, who has specialized training in the field of geriatrics. Some GCMs have certification through the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.

The GCM can provide assessments and services for senior citizens that will allow them to resolve everyday problems and remain in their homes. It is not always possible for the senior citizen to live alone in their home due to safety concerns; the geriatric care manager can assist them in moving, where they can receive adequate services in a comfortable and secure environment.

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Do I need a geriatric care manager?

Many factors over recent years have increased the need for the specialized services that a geriatric care manager offers. Traditionally, females were the primary caregivers, providing daily care for aging parents. With the necessity of a dual income, care-giving relatives are becoming scarce especially taking into consideration the smaller family size and geographical issues. This makes it difficult to help with responsibilities of daily living and possible decision-making, leaving an even bigger burden on any remaining caregiver.

At first, the caregiver may attempt to provide the care for her parents on her own, however over time it may become overwhelming for her. The female caregiver may seek out a public agency with care management in hopes they may provide the services that she may need for her elderly parents. These programs are often need or income based and the elderly parent may not be eligible for services. Or there may be a long waiting list for services to begin.

Geriatric care managers are a great resource and provide a customized plan of care on the individual situation. The GCM is able to assess the senior's needs and recommend solutions to assist with everyday problems as they arise. They can arrange for personal care issues as well as other services such as meals, transportation, medications, housekeeping and shopping. They can assist the elderly parent with contacting community services such as health insurance companies, banking, medical doctors, or helping with paying bills. They can accompany to the doctor's office or the hospital and advocate for the family member as needed. The geriatric care manager can also assess the ability to remain safely in the home or whether the person may need to be relocated to an alternative residence.

What are the costs for a geriatric manager?

Geriatric care managers provide a variety of helpful services. As such, families should ask for a fee schedule when inquiring about services. Fees may be separated or bundled for initial consultation and/or assessment and development of a plan of care. Assistance with implementation of care plan activities may also be a single fee in some cases or hourly rate for some others.

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Geriatric care managers are also known as geriatric managers, geriatric care management, & geriatric management.