What are Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded?

Intermediate care facilities for people with mental retardation (ICF/MR) are certified Medicare/Medicaid facilities that provide treatment to persons with mental retardation or other related conditions. Many of the people who are served by this program are also non-ambulatory, have seizure disorders, behavior problems, mental illness, are visually-impaired or hearing-impaired, or have a combination of these conditions.

ICF/MRs provide their patients with a protected residential setting, ongoing evaluation, planning, 24-hour supervision, coordination, and integration for health or rehabilitative services to help individuals function at their greatest ability.

All individuals receiving ICF/MR services must financially qualify for Medicaid assistance.

The basic principles of ICF/MR facilities

According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare the basic principles of ICF/MR facilities are:
  1. Each individual has capacity for growth and development
  2. Each individual should have access to services that enhance his/her development, well-being and quality of life
  3. Each individual should have access to the most normal and least restrictive social and physical environments consistent with his/her needs
  4. Each individual’s services should be delivered in accordance with a single, comprehensive individual rehabilitation plan that is developed, monitored, coordinated, and revised by members of a duly constituted interdisciplinary team

How do I select an intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded?

With over 6,500 intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded nationwide, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a facility:

1. Location: The center should be located close to loved ones, so they can visit regularly. Patients often do better when they can be supported by family and friends.

2. Availability: Space is often limited, so verify the facility has openings.

3. Services provided: Services vary between facilities. Verify the ICF/MR offers the services you need.

4. Insurance: Verify the facility takes your insurances.

5. Quality: Quality is a very important factor when selecting a facility. Caregivers not only need to have the necessary skills in order to take care of a patient, but also have compassion and patience. Research the facility to see if previous and current patients are receiving quality care.

6. Reviews: Reviews are a valuable research tool. You can learn alot from them; the good, the bad, and the insider tips. They can really make a big difference in your decision making.

7. Tour the ICF/MR: If possible, tour the ICF/MR. Verify the ICF/MR is clean, staff are professional, and the ICF/MR can accomodate the patient's needs.

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