What is Assisted Living?

assisted living
Assisted livings offer support services to senior citizens who need help with their daily care needs. Assisted living providers include licensed homes/facilities, including apartment or group home settings, and support services in your own home.

Not all assisted livings are licensed. The definition of an assisted living facility varies from state to state. Interested seniors and /or family members can contact their state to see if the facility of choice is licensed there.

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Services provided by assisted living

Services include assistance with eating, bathing, taking medicine, and getting to/from appointments as well as providing social/recreational activities to their residents. Providers that assist individuals with their activities of daily living in their own home may be listed under homebased support care or home health care agencies. These assisted living providers offer support services to those that need help but want to stay in the comfort of their own home. The assistance under either scenario can be intermittent or 24/7.

The level of supplemental services offered can be different from one provider to the next. Because everyone’s needs are different, you may want to consult with a geriatric care manager when deciding which environment will work best for your family member. Some seniors may choose the comfort and security of assisted living without the need for supplemental services while others may start with a minimum of supplemental services and gradually increase their need for additional services over their stay at the assisted living. For those that need the supplemental services, there is assistance with: bathing, meals, dressings, toileting and mobility.

Seniors moving into an assisted living environment may incur a smoother transition if there is some degree of freedom. Often seniors being considered for assisted living services have either had a dramatic decline in their health status or an increased need for assistance due to a gradual decline. These patients do best when accompanying by surroundings from their previous living environments and assist in the transition.

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Assisted livings are also known as: senior assisted livings, assisted living facilities, assisted living centers, & assisted living communities.