What is Speech Therapy? Why Would I Need a Speech Therapist?

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Speech therapy (also known as speech and language therapy) is a specialized service used for treatment of speech, language, voice, and swallowing problems for both adults and children.

Speech therapy is used for babies who have difficulty in feeding or swallowing. In children, those with learning difficulties, autism, hearing impairments, cleft palate, stuttering and lisps can benefit from speech therapy. In adults, those who have suffered a stroke, brain injury, hearing loss, or are enduring Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, dementia, or have problems with eating, swallowing, or communicating can benefit from speech therapy.

The speech therapist will set up a program of speech exercises designed to reduce your specific disability. Often times, there are home exercises that need to be performed, so families are often counseled on treatment techniques to use at home and on how to modify behavior that can interfere with communication.

The main goal of speech therapy is to restore the patient's ability to communicate accurately.

How do you choose the best speech therapist?

Some things to consider when selecting a speech therapist

1. Location: Make sure the speech therapist is within a comfortable travel distance.

2. Specialty: Speech therapy can be performed for many disabilities, and all ages. Make sure the speech therapist you select is specialized in the patient's disability.

3. Age group: Some speech therapists specialize in children, others in adults. Verify the speech therapist you select specializes in the age group of the patient.

4. Insurance: Verify the speech therapist accepts your insurance, either by contacting the speech therapist or contacting your insurance provider.

5. Quality: Does the speech therapist provide quality care? Research them. Ask family and friends if they recommend any speech therapist (or if they have heard anything about them). Search online for reviews. Are reviews favorable?

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