What is a Retirement Community? Why Would I a Need Retirement Community?

retirement communities
A retirement community is a community/complex that houses retirees and seniors. Retirement communities are often restricted to people over a certain age and are designed to carter to the wants and needs of seniors and retirees, often by providing extensive amenities.

Amenities differ place to place, but can include: swimming pools, arts and crafts, bingo, boating, trails, golf courses, beauty salons, and shuttle services.

There are different types of retirement communities. Independent living communities have resident units and do not provide healthcare. Continuing care retirement communities offer a combination of residential and healthcare facilities. If long term healthcare housing is needed, consider looking at nursing homes, or assisted livings.

How do I select a retirement community?

When selecting a retirement community, you should consider the following factors:

1. Location: Do you want to stay close to family and friends? Are you looking for a warmer climate? Retirement communities can be found in most states, so the location depends on where you feel most comfortable.

2. Services needed: Do you need any medical care? You should evaluate your health care needs, and select a community based on those needs.

3. Restrictions: Age and other restrictions may apply in some retirement communities.

4. Availability: Does the retirement community have any units currently open?

5. Price: More popular retirement communities tend to cost more due to availability and request. Shop around for a retirement community that fits your budget and fits your needs.

6. Recommendations and reviews: Get recommendations from family and friends. Search online. What's the center's online reputation like? Are reviews overall good?

7. Amenities: The little things can make a big difference. Inquire about amenities like shopping, shuttles, community events, pools, room sizes, views, etc.

Next step: Tour the retirement communities

Once you have narrowed down your list, tour the retirement communities you are intested in. This is a big decision and seeing the retirement communities can play a big role in your decision making.

When you tour the retirement community, ask to see the residentual units & verify there is enough space for your needs. Ask about amenities they offer and ask to see activity programs. Talk to current residents about their experience at the retirement community. Observe the staff: Are they friendly and professional? Are the premises clean and well maintained? Make sure maintenance done in residentual units is done in a timely matter. Do you have a pet? Ask if they allow pets. Check out parking. Is there ample parking for residents and guests? Are there any parking fees? Ask about all services and fees.

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