Tips for Choosing the Best Diabetes Education Service

Keep these tips in mind when selecting a diabetes education center:

1. Location: Make sure the diabetes education center is within a comfortable travel distance.

2. Insurance: Verify the diabetes education provider takes your insurance.

3. Services provided: Verify the center provides the program you need (ie-diabetes education, healthy weight loss, nutrition, etc)

4. Hours of operation: Verify the program is open at times and days that fit your schedule.

5. Recommendations: Word of mouth recommendations can tell us whether we can get along with providers on a personal level. Ask friends, family, and other associates if they have had experiences with the diabetes education programs on your list.

6. Reviews: Research online reviews-they are a valuable resource. They can give you a better picture of whether patients received quality care at the diabetes education center.

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Diabetes education services are also known as: diabetes education centers, diabetes education programs, diabetes education providers, & diabetes management programs.