Healthcare Providers in Tomah, Wisconsin (WI)

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Jeanne Button,Counselor
Judith Pasko,Counselor
Kay Przywojoski,Counselor
Paul Gasser,Counselor
Sharon Thompson,Counselor
Tomah VA Substance Abuse Residential-Dependency Treatment Program

Birthing Centers

Tomah Memorial Hospital

Chiropractic Centers

Brian W Olson & Associates S C
Dr.Brian Olson,Chiropractor
Dr.Bridget Owens,Chiropractor
Dr.Cheryl Folstad,Chiropractor
Dr.Edward Mccullough,Chiropractor
Dr.Kelly Rudd,Chiropractor
Dr.Lindsey Shaw,Chiropractor
Dr.Matthew Mcnally,Chiropractor
Family Chiropractic Health Center

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Dr. Gary Loethen,Psychologist
Dr. Jason Dowd,Psychologist
Dr. Jeffrey Durbin,Psychologist
Dr. Margaret Morris,Psychologist
Dr. Margaret Von Briesen,Psychologist
Dr. Michael Brandt,Psychologist
Dr. Rodney Linder,Psychologist
Kathleen Loethen,Counselor
Thomas Muench,Counselor
Timothy Fuhrmann,Counselor


Blado Dental Clinic
Chitwood Nicol & Matthews
Clyde P. Houston DDS
Dr. Brian Nicol,D.D.S.
Dr. Clyde Houston,D.D.S.
Dr. Frank Marcantonio,D.M.D.
Dr. James Blade,D.D.S.
Dr. James Chitwood,D.D.S.
Dr. Mark Matthews,D.D.S.
Dr. Mark Mueller,D.D.S.
Dr. Richard Fischer,D.D.S.

Family Medicine Doctors

Dr. Alan Conway,Family Medicine
Dr. Allison Harbour,Family Medicine
Dr. Cathryn Roberts,Family Medicine
Dr. Dale Wicklund,Family Medicine
Dr. Dean Krueger,General Practice
Dr. James Deming,Family Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Cavaness,Family Medicine
Dr. Jill Hendrickson,Family Medicine
Dr. Jill McMullen,Family Medicine
Dr. John Coffey,Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Saunders,Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Stark,Family Medicine
Dr. Ralph Knudson,Family Medicine
Dr. Rodney Erickson,Family Medicine
Dr. Sharel Martin,Family Medicine
Dr. Susan Urbatsch,Family Medicine
Dr. Tiffany Gulinson,Family Medicine
Dr. Willard Schanhofer,Family Medicine
Dr. William Bateman,Family Medicine


Hospice Touch


Tomah Mem Hsptl


Dr. Bruce Polender,Internal Medicine
Dr. Bruno Rios,Internal Medicine
Dr. Carol Lu,Internal Medicine
Dr. Mark McConnell,Internal Medicine
Dr. Rick Erdman,Internal Medicine
Dr. Steven Babcock,Internal Medicine


Kathleen Kett,CNM
Laura Damrow,CNM


Dr. Douglas Lanska,Neurologist

Nursing Homes

Tomah Hlth Care Ctr

Optical Services

Gundersen Clinic LTD
Richard L Foss OD

Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. Paul Liebert,Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Richard Banks,Orthopaedic Surgery
Tomah Memorial Hospital Inc


Dr. Maryjo Lanska,Pediatrics

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Pharmacy Operations
Phillips Tomah Pharmacy
Saint-Mark Enterprises
Wal-Mart Pharmacy


Dr. John Berry,Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Tomah Therapy Center,Llc


Dr. David Houlihan,Psychiatrist
Dr. Hossein E Tehrani,Psychiatrist
Dr. Matt Zak,Psychiatrist
Dr. Steven Sandstrom,Psychiatrist
Dr. Tina Ferrer,Psychiatrist


Dr. Peter Finch,Internal Medicine

Radiology Services

Franciscan Skemp Healthcare Lake Tomah Clinic
Gundersen Clinic, Ltd-Tomah

Renal Dialysis

Gundersen Lutheran Renal Dialysis Tomah

VA Hospitals

Tomah VA Medical Center