Healthcare Providers in Cumberland, Wisconsin (WI)

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Birthing Centers

Cumberland Memorial Hospital

Chiropractic Centers

Blue Hills Chiropractic Llc
Dr.Deborah Leonhardt,Chiropractor
Dr.Jodi Griffith,Chiropractor
Dr.Thomas Toftness,Chiropractor
Dr.Victoria Kes,Chiropractor
Optima Natural Health & Wellness, Llc
Toftness Chiropractic Clinic

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Ann Hay,Counselor
Cecilia Zappa,Counselor
Cumberland Memorial Hospital
Dr. Bruce Jungerberg,Psychologist
Dr. Christine Thompson,Psychologist
Dr. John Lapcewich,Psychologist
Patricia Barry,Counselor


Cumberland Family Dental, S.C.
Dr. Erin Lehmann,D.D.S.
Dr. Gary Hendricks,D.D.S.
Dr. Jeffrey Walters,D.D.S.
Dr. Thomas Hallgren

Family Medicine Doctors

Cumberland Clinic Sc
Dr. Alan Carlson,Family Medicine
Dr. Barbara Ankarlo,Family Medicine
Dr. Emily Anderson,Family Medicine
Dr. Gregory Leitheiser,Family Medicine
Dr. Thomas Lingen,Family Medicine


Cumberland Memorial Hospital

Marriage and Family Therapists

Susan Nelms,Rn, Bs, Ma, LMFT-Marriage And Family Therapist

Nursing Homes

Cumberland Mem Hsptl Ecu
Cumberland Mem Hsptl Ecu
Cumberland Mem Hsptl Ecu

Optical Services

Lee R Jacobson OD Sc

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Island City Apothecary


Dr. Charles Mayo,Psychiatrist
Dr. Gerald Gehl,Psychiatrist
Dr. Madan Uprety,Psychiatrist

Radiology Services

Cumberland Memorial Hospital-Extended Care Unit, Inc.