Healthcare Providers in Canutillo, Texas (TX)

Number of healthcare providers found: 34
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Bernadette Ontiveros,Counselor
Chris Riley,Counselor
Graciela Medina,Counselor
Nicolas Flores,Counselor

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Antonio Mendez,Counselor
Arturo Oaxaca,Counselor
Celeste Nevarez,Counselor
Daena Torres,Counselor
Daisy Ramirez,Counselor
Daniel Fitzpatrick,Counselor
Elizabeth Ceniceros,Counselor
Elizabeth Rosalez,Counselor
Herlinda Lopez,Counselor
Hilda Guerra,Counselor
Houda Asfahani,Counselor
Jenny Betancis,Counselor
Jorge Villafuerte,Counselor
Lauro Bustamante,Counselor
Leonor Fernandez,Counselor
Margarita De La Cruz,Counselor
Maria Casarez,Counselor
Michelle Garcia,Counselor
Miguel Lara,Counselor
Rebecca Majors,Counselor
Ricardo Chafino,Counselor
Roberta Farley-Icard,Counselor
Rosa Arellano,Counselor
Sandra Santos Rodriguez,Counselor
Sonya Martinez,Counselor
Tommy Mcgoldrick,Counselor


Doniphan Family Dental

Family Medicine Doctors

Northwest Community Health Center


Dr. Shazia Sheikh,Internal Medicine

Public Health Departments

Canutillo Health Center