Healthcare Providers in Andrews, Texas (TX)

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Joe Grist,Counselor

Birthing Centers

Permian Regional Medical Center Andrews County Ho

Chiropractic Centers

Dr.Gregory Young,Chiropractor
Dr.Kathleen Summers,Chiropractor
Dr.William Summers,Chiropractor
Gregory D. Young, Dc
Summers Chiropractic Professional Association


Dr. Eugene Harper,D.D.S.
Dr. Jean Wade,D.D.S.
Dr. Jerry Wade,D.D.S.
Dr. Robert Sears,D.D.S.

Emergency Room (ER) Doctor

Andrews County Hospital District

Family Medicine Doctors

Andrews County
Andrews County Hospital District
Dr. Bonnie Muncy,Family Medicine
Dr. George Olive,Family Medicine
Dr. Rand Waddingham,Family Medicine
Dr. Robert Garcia,Family Medicine
Permian Physician Services
Satish Nayak, M.D., P.A

General Surgeons

Doytt D. Redmond, M.D., P.A.
Dr. Brian Gordon,Surgery


Dr. Armand Wiltz,Obstetrics & Gynecology

Home Health Agencies

Permian Regional Medical Center Home Health


Permian Regional Medical Center Andrews County Ho


Beth Steinberger Pa
Dr. Beth Steinberger,Internal Medicine
Dr. Daniel Fish,Internal Medicine
Dr. Jim Guerra,Internal Medicine

Nursing Homes

Permian Residential Care Center
Permian Residential Care Center


Dr. James Browne,Obstetrics & Gynecology
James W. Browne, M.D., P.A.

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Andrews County Hospital Medical Supplies


Dr. Jennifer Hada-Ondriezek,Podiatrist

Radiology Services

Permian Regional Medical Center

Rural Health Clinics

Andrews Family Medicine