Healthcare Providers in Wampsville, New York (NY)

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Denise Calcagnino,Counselor
Gary Roberts,Counselor
Madison Cnty MH Prog/ADAPT/Medically-Supervised Chemical Dependence OP Serv
Russell Stewart,Counselor
William Walker,Counselor

Child Psychiatrists

Dr. Lewis Gilbert,Psychiatrist

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Alexandra Morris,Counselor
Colleen Miller,Counselor
County Of Madison Mental Health Department
David Heimbaugh,Counselor
Dr. Buddy Ballinger,Psychologist
Dr. James Yonai,Counselor
Dr. Jennifer Dechert,Counselor
Dr. Katherine Mackey,Psychologist
Dr. Kim Mckay,Psychologist
Dr. Shannon Birmingham,Psychologist
Dr. Steven Adams,Psychologist
Edwina Davies,Counselor
Eleni Karayianni,Counselor
Julie Waterman,Counselor
Kasi Jones,Counselor
Kenneth Hefty,Counselor
Kristyn Saveliev,Counselor
Marla Velky-Reger,Counselor
Martha Hancock-Olech,Counselor
Mary Bailey,Counselor
Michele Kern,Counselor

Home Health Agencies

Madison Co Ph Dept Chha


Muftah A. Kadura, Md


Dr. David Carr,Psychiatrist

Public Health Departments

Madison County Department Of Health