Healthcare Providers in Harrison, New York (NY)

Number of healthcare providers found: 119
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Amy Hood,Counselor
Danielle Torchia Demeter,Counselor
Frank Brittan,Counselor
Jane Desouza,Psychologist
Kimberley Wildey,Counselor
Lillian Neuman,Counselor
Marsha Thompson,Counselor
Rosemary Basile,Counselor
Russell Francome,Counselor
Saint Vincents Outpatient Addiction-Recovery Service

Child Psychiatrists

Dr. Amy Silverman,Psychiatry
Dr. Carlos Sotolongo,Psychiatrist
Dr. Irwin Gelman,Psychiatrist

Chiropractic Centers

Chiropractic Associate P.C.
Dr.Dina Casale,Chiropractor
Dr.Hironori Izumi,Chiropractor
Dr.Jean-Claude Doornick,Chiropractor
Dr.John Thomas,Chiropractor
Dr.Michiko Izumi,Chiropractor
Dr.Richard Biondi,Chiropractor
Dr.Richard Davidson,Chiropractor

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Alexandra Brueckner,Counselor
Alexce Rohan,Counselor
Amanda Kremer,Counselor
Barbara Lacommare,Counselor
Crista Brennan,Counselor
Debra Menfi,Counselor
Donnasue Johnson,Counselor
Dr. Alan Strohmayer,Counselor
Dr. Andrew Kelly,Psychologist
Dr. Anthony Gambuzza,Psychologist
Dr. Betti Schleyer,Psychologist
Dr. Colleen Fischer,Psychologist
Dr. Dana Leonardi,Psychologist
Dr. Deanna Kwan,Psychologist
Dr. Helen Hanning Arena,Psychologist
Dr. Jacqueline Riseman,Counselor
Dr. Jeanne Dietrich,Psychologist
Dr. John Wallace,Psychologist
Dr. Karla Dockery,Psychologist
Dr. Lauren Behrman,Psychologist
Dr. Leonardo Leiderman,Psychologist
Dr. Mark Solomon,Psychologist
Dr. Maryann Mcmanus,Psychologist
Dr. Natalie Hurst,Psychologist
Dr. Pamela Foelsch,Psychologist
Dr. Rita Freedman,Psychologist
Dr. Scott Greisberg,Psychologist
Dr. Stacey Rosenkranz,Psychologist
Dr. Vilma Cardona,Psychologist
Emily Leslie0606,Counselor
James Bardes,Counselor
Jillian Hettinger,Counselor
Jinu Thomas,Counselor
Juan Cea-Aravena,Counselor
Judith Tota,Counselor
Karetha Henry,Counselor
Kevin Partington,Counselor
Loubna Choklat,Counselor
Madelyn Venner,Counselor
Mark Greenfield,Counselor
Mary Lee Lynch,Counselor
Nancy Muskin,Counselor
Olga Campiz,Counselor
Sharon Totten,Counselor
St Vincent Westchester Psychiatry
St.Vincent' Hospital Westchester Psych
Susan Feinstein,Counselor
William Cipriano,Counselor


Dr. David Petrucco,D.D.S.
Dr. Edwin Newman
Dr. Jeffrey Gershon,D.M.D.
Dr. Kenneth Magid,D.D.S.
Dr. Olga Soltis,D.D.S.
Dr. Sabrina Magid,D.M.D.
Dr. Valarie D'Angelica,D.D.S.


Cosmetic Physicians Of Westchester, Pllc
Dr. Debbie Palmer,Dermatology
Dr. Stacy Salob,Dermatology

Family Medicine Doctors

Dr. Shashishekhar Palekar,Family Medicine
Dr. Susan Kerlinsky,Family Medicine
Palekar Family Medical Services Pc
Physician Housecall, Inc.

Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Dr. James McWilliam,Orthopaedic Surgery


Dr. Jamshid Sheik,Internal Medicine

Mentally Retarded Intermediate Care Facilities

Westchester Jewish Community Services


Dr. Stanislaw Niznikiewicz,Obstetrics & Gynecology


Dr. Paul Rutkowski,Ophthalmology
Paul C. Rutkowski, Md Pc
Retina & Laser Consultants Llc
The Retina Practice Of White Plains P.C.

Oral Surgeons

Dr. Marek Niznikiewicz,D.D.S.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. Steven Zelicof,Orthopaedic Surgery
Specialty Orthopaedics, Pllc

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Trottas West Street Pharmacy

Physical Therapy

Empire Physical Therapy Pllc
Ivyrehab Network Inc
Reforming Rehab


Dr. Bo Chun,D.D.S.


Comprehensive Psychiatry Pc
Dr. Adolph Soto,Psychiatrist
Dr. Anna Sass,Psychiatrist
Dr. Arthur Badikian,Psychiatrist
Dr. Carol Weinstein,Psychiatrist
Dr. Cynthia Perry,Psychiatrist
Dr. Dean Harlam,Psychiatrist
Dr. Douglas Whikehart,Psychiatrist
Dr. Eran Feit,Psychiatrist
Dr. Eric Grabstein,Psychiatrist
Dr. Irina Martynova,Psychiatrist
Dr. James Kelleher,Psychiatrist
Dr. Karen Gennaro,Psychiatrist
Dr. Neil Smoke,Psychiatrist
Dr. Niloni Vora,Psychiatrist
Dr. Robert Olko,Psychiatrist
Dr. Seshagiri Doddi,Psychiatrist
Dr. Steven Shainmark,Psychiatrist
Dr. Timothy Sullivan,Psychiatrist

Radiology Services

Mira Women's Imaging Pllc