Healthcare Providers in Tucumcari, New Mexico (NM)

Number of healthcare providers found: 127
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Mental Health Resources Inc

Anesthesia Providers

Medical Services Network Pllc

Chiropractic Centers

Dr.Ross Hastie,Chiropractor

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Adrian Chavarria,Counselor
Aimee Broom,Counselor
Alice Mcgraw,Counselor
Alida Brown,Counselor
Angel Gonzalez,Counselor
Ann Largent,Counselor
Ashley Nolan,Counselor
Beverly Lake,Counselor
Bunni Morris,Counselor
Cassie Huffman,Counselor
Chris Herrera,Counselor
Cruz Gomez,Counselor
Dave L. Crane
David Crane,Counselor
David Romero,Counselor
Delfinia Preciado,Counselor
Desaray Urioste,Counselor
Dionne Montoya,Counselor
Donald Rich,Counselor
Donna Garza,Counselor
Doris King,Counselor
Emitario Montoya,Counselor
Ernesto Barron,Counselor
Esteban Martinez,Counselor
Ethel Shaw,Counselor
Eufemia Carolina Hernandez,Counselor
Felice Romero,Counselor
Gabriel Anaya,Counselor
Gerald Nolan,Counselor
Geraldine Arellano,Counselor
Gillian Hodler,Counselor
Gloria Donovan,Counselor
Gloria Mavrick,Counselor
Greater Santa Rosa Council On Alcoholism
Greater Santa Rosa Council On Alcoholism
Heather Calbert,Counselor
Ignacio Zacharias,Counselor
Irma Zacarias,Counselor
Jacqueline Garcia,Counselor
James Kleinsasser,Counselor
Janie Murray,Counselor
Jeanette Brandt,Counselor
Joe Gonzales,Counselor
John Murray,Counselor
Joseph Laredo,Counselor
Juan Sanchez,Counselor
Juanice Martinez,Counselor
June Lucero,Counselor
Kandace Zacarias,Counselor
Katrina Calbert,Counselor
Keith Feerer,Counselor
Kim Fite,Counselor
Kimberly Rich,Counselor
Kristi Cargile,Counselor
Krystal Molinas,Counselor
Krystal Tapia,Counselor
Laurence Rivera,Counselor
Lawrence Martinez,Counselor
Lena Osborn,Counselor
Lesa Salvador,Counselor
Linda Gonzalez,Counselor
Lisa Jones,Counselor
Lisa Olsen,Counselor
Lucy Kleinsasser,Counselor
Luzmaria Ureste,Counselor
Lynette Walker,Counselor
Manuel Preciado,Counselor
Mark Silla,Counselor
Martha Montoya,Counselor
Mary Baca,Counselor
Mary Garcia,Counselor
Maryann Molinas,Counselor
Marylou Sanchez,Counselor
Mental Health Resources
Michelle Baca,Counselor
Misty Belanger,Counselor
Nicholas Johnson,Counselor
Paolo Caserta,Counselor
Patricia Stull,Counselor
Priscilla Lovato,Counselor
Professional Counseling Associates Of New Mexico
Rani Eggert,Counselor
Raul Garza,Counselor
Rhea Jackson,Counselor
Rhonda Aragon,Counselor
Robert Calbert,Counselor
Robert Gomez,Counselor
Robert Poe,Counselor
Ronald Jones,Counselor
Rose Zacharia,Counselor
Samantha Ousley,Counselor
Sandy Maes,Counselor
Shirley Gomez,Counselor
Steve Chavez,Counselor
Sundra Span,Counselor
Susan Ragland,Counselor
Susan Reyes,Counselor
Susan Sandoval,Counselor
Tamara Bosley,Counselor
Tara Singleterry,Counselor
Ted Lovato,Counselor
Theresa Barron,Counselor
Tracy Latham,Counselor
Vicky Laredo,Counselor
Victoria Martinez,Counselor
Viola Montano,Counselor
Waymond Ragland,Counselor
William Lopez,Counselor


Dr. C. Fitzner,D.D.S.,M.A.G.D.
Dr. Gary Balzano,D.D.S.

Emergency Room (ER) Doctor

Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Family Medicine Doctors

Dr. George Evetts,Family Medicine
Dr. Mudassir Saleemi,Family Medicine
Dr. Thanh Nguyen,Family Medicine
Thanh Van Nguyen MD Pa

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Quay County Family Health Center

Home Health Agencies

Tucumcari Home Health Agency


Helping Hands Hospice


Dr Dan C Trigg Memorial Hospital


Dr. Ignacio Martinez,Psychiatrist

Radiology Services

Dr. Dan C. Trigg Memorial Hospital