Healthcare Providers in Ruidoso, New Mexico (NM)

Number of healthcare providers found: 134
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Counseling Center Inc
Gary Garland,Counselor
John Buffington,Counselor
Kelli Shaw,Counselor

Birthing Centers

Lincoln County Medical Center

Chiropractic Centers

Alpha And Omega Chiropractic
Alpha And Omega Chiropractic Pc
Dr.Bruce Fillmore,Chiropractor
Dr.Bruce Klinekole,Chiropractor
Dr.David Mcminn,Chiropractor
Dr.Jon Ogden,Chiropractor
Dr.Joseph Fraley,Chiropractor
Dr.Mary Peebles,Chiropractor

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Alexie Gaines,Counselor
Alicia Chico,Counselor
Amber Thompson,Counselor
Andrea Holland,Counselor
Angelie Garcia,Counselor
Ann Eby,Counselor
Anna Kanseah,Counselor
Anne Lucero,Counselor
April Ostler,Counselor
Barbara Birdsong,Counselor
Betty Brown,Counselor
Billie Dennis,Counselor
Bobby Rogers,Counselor
Brandi Littleton,Counselor
Brenda Brandt,Counselor
Cheryl Aiken,Counselor
Christina Cole,Counselor
Christopher Pacheco,Counselor
Ciji Bingerman,Counselor
Coy Brusuelas,Counselor
Cynthia Lopez,Counselor
Cynthia Tijerina,Counselor
David Monreal,Counselor
Dawn Romero,Counselor
Devin Dennis,Counselor
Diane Harmon,Counselor
Donaciano Romero,Counselor
Donna Bassett,Counselor
Dr. Elizabeth Maines,Psychologist
Dr. Gary Harmon,Psychologist
Dr. Michael Mauldin,Psychologist
Elizabeth Bryant,Counselor
Elizabeth Candelaria,Counselor
Eric Rice,Counselor
Frank Montoya,Counselor
Gertrude Proctor,Counselor
Isreal Castello,Counselor
Jackie Chavez,Counselor
Jacqueline Lopez,Counselor
Jon Worbets,Counselor
Judith Wolfson,Counselor
Julie Wilkinson,Counselor
Katherine Umberger,Counselor
Katosha Candelaria,Counselor
Kelly Parrish,Counselor
Kevin Davis,Counselor
Kimberly Corley,Counselor
Leticia Flores,Counselor
Lewis Dodson,Counselor
Linsey Worley,Counselor
Lisa Fechner,Counselor
Mark Ovrick Lisw Lssw
Melanie Smith,Counselor
Michael Mauldin, Ph.D., L.L.C.
Nicholas Morerod,Counselor
Nicole Weinreich,Counselor
Pamela Apodaca,Counselor
Petrina Nelson,Counselor
Rebekah Stephens,Counselor
Richard Leveque,Counselor
Richard Scott,Counselor
Samantha Russell,Counselor
Samantha Ward Allen,Counselor
Sandra Gehrke-Olafson,Counselor
Sandra Lenard,Counselor
Sarah Fisher,Counselor
Sheila Nichols Coca,Counselor
Stephen Moore,Counselor
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services
Suquala Gant,Counselor
Susana Horton,Counselor
Suzanne Bernardi,Counselor
Sylvia Wilson,Counselor
Terry Christopher,Counselor
Toby Allen,Counselor
Valerie Comanche,Counselor
Virginia King,Counselor
Wynona Tahnito,Counselor


Dr. Joseph Tam,D.D.S.
Dr. Patrick Coyne,D.D.S.
Dr. Peter Midkiff,D.D.S.
Dr. Sally Waters,D.M.D.

Emergency Room (ER) Doctor

Lincoln County Ambulance
Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Family Medicine Doctors

Dr. Arlene Brown,Family Medicine
Dr. Homero Renteria,Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Clements,Family Medicine
Dr. Michael Spence,Family Medicine
Dr. Roger Beechie,Family Medicine
Dr. Walter Seidel,Family Medicine
Immedicare Care Clinic Pc
Lincoln County Family Medical Group
Rejuvenation Etc.
Rio Pecos Family Practice Of Lincoln County Inc.
Tall Pines Medical Inc

General Surgeons

Dr. H Rebstock,Surgery
Dr. Tommy Lindsey,Surgery
Juergen Rebstock Md Pc

Home Health Agencies

Home Health Unlimited
Ruidoso Home Care Llc


Lincoln County Medical Center


Dr. Gary Jackson,Internal Medicine
Dr. Janet Arrowsmith-Lowe,Internal Medicine
Dr. Walter Robinson,Internal Medicine

Marriage and Family Therapists

Kamerin Stclaire,Ma-Marriage And Family Therapist


Deborah J Hewitt Md Pc
Dr. Deborah Hewitt,Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Timothy Harkins,Obstetrics & Gynecology


Dr. Paul Gulbas,Ophthalmology

Optical Services

AF Gutowski And DJ Sonnenmoser

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Frontier Medical Equipment Inc
Linco Medical And Supply
Longs Drug
Walgreens Pharmacy


Dr. Edward Regalado,Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr. Tanya Barlow,Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Ruidoso Physical Therapy Clinic,Inc
Therapy Associates Inc


Ben Hill Passmore Md Pa

Radiology Services

Lincoln County Medical Center