Healthcare Providers in Bridgeport, Michigan (MI)

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Amy Norton-Varela,Counselor
Annette Hopgood,Counselor
Arthur Cicalo,Counselor
Bradley Larner,Counselor
Carolyn Surles,Counselor
Carrie Mccarty,Counselor
Cathy Craighead,Counselor
Christopher Foret,Counselor
Darlene Watson,Counselor
Deanna Hodgson,Counselor
Donald Mclaughlin,Counselor
Elaine Levenson,Counselor
Erin Maul,Counselor
Jacqueline Dent,Counselor
James Leggett,Counselor
Kairos Healthcare Inc-Family Care Center
Kairos Healthcare Inc-Outpatient Clinic
Kathryn Bamba,Counselor
Kelley Boettcher,Counselor
Kevin Luptowski,Counselor
Laura Ronk,Counselor
Lee Ann Brummett,Counselor
Lila Bjaland,Counselor
Sawyer Plume,Counselor
Sequida Foster,Counselor
Stanford Follette,Counselor
Stephen Lancaster,Counselor
Susan Smallwood,Counselor
Theresa Curtis,Counselor
Trashonda Atkins,Counselor
Wendell Montney,Counselor

Chiropractic Centers

Dr. Edward Martin D.C.,Chiropractor
Dr. Paul Berger D.C.,Chiropractor
Martin Chiropractic

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Amanda Neal,Counselor
Dawnika Cope,Counselor
Janelle Mancini,Counselor
Joel Studebaker,Counselor
Kairos Healthcare
Kevin Botos,Counselor
Lakeshia Scott,Counselor
Linda West,Counselor
Megan Frost,Counselor
Sara Peeples,Counselor
Shermica Chandler,Counselor

Family Medicine Doctors

Dr. Angela Schultz,Family Medicine
Dr. Christine Elsholz,Family Medicine
Dr. Eventure Bernardino,Family Medicine
Dr. Henryk Pietrus,Family Medicine
Dr. Jane Castillo,Family Medicine
Dr. Monica Mackenzie,Family Medicine

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Bridgeport Health Center

Home Health Agencies

Family Home Health Services

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Amigo Mobility Centers Inc
Bridgeport Pharmacy Inc
Rite Aid Pharmacy

Physical Therapy

Saginaw Valley Sport & Spine Lp