Healthcare Providers in Livingston, California (CA)

Number of healthcare providers found: 20
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Merced County Alcohol and Drug Servs-Division of Mental Health

Child Psychiatrists

Merced County Department Of Mental Health

Chiropractic Centers

Crawford Family Chiropractic Center, Inc.
Dr.Kerry Crawford,Chiropractor

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Brett Rodheim,Counselor
Robert Garza,Counselor
Rosanna O'Donnell,Counselor


Dr. George King,D.D.S.
Dr. Jeffrey Carter,D.D.S.
Dr. Ruth Cabral-Teixeira,D.M.D.
Dr. Sirina Aguilar,D.D.S.
George T. King

Family Medicine Doctors

Dr. Bethany Blacketer,Family Medicine
Dr. Joanne Spalding,Family Medicine
Dr. Karen Romero,Family Medicine
Dr. Robert Hernandez,Family Medicine

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Livingston Community Health Clinic

Nursing Homes

Grace Home Inc.

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Rite Aid Pharmacy

Rural Health Clinics

Horisons Unlimited Health Care