Healthcare Providers in Dinuba, California (CA)

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Providers

Gregory Medina,Counselor
Turning Point Of Central California, Inc.

Chiropractic Centers

Dr.Allen Mcgee,Chiropractor
Dr.Roderick Sorensen,Chiropractor

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Abigail Shaewitz,Counselor
Araceli Moreno,Counselor
Arquilio Cerda,Counselor
Cristobal Hernandez,Counselor
Daniel Garcia,Counselor
Deanna Salazar,Counselor
Debra Cendejas,Counselor
Deisi Sanchez-Tarango,Counselor
Denisse Sanchez Zamudio,Counselor
Dinuba Children'S Clinic
Elibet Tapia,Counselor
Gabriel Diaz,Counselor
Hilda Benavides,Counselor
Ilda Amesola,Counselor
Irene Rodriguez,Counselor
Juan Reyes,Counselor
Leonel Jimenez,Counselor
Linda Luna,Counselor
Lisa Jimenez,Counselor
Martiniana Flores,Counselor
Melinda Siders,Counselor
Natasha Gonzalez,Counselor
Noe Prado,Counselor
Norma Doerksen,Counselor
Omar Lopez,Counselor
Priscilla Trinidad,Counselor
Renee Rodrigues,Counselor
Rosalie Amabisca,Counselor
Ruby Garcia,Counselor
Sandra Sandoval,Counselor
Sebastian Urrutia,Counselor
Stephanie Villasenor,Counselor
Steven Ayala,Counselor
Susana Barela,Counselor
Tracy Delacruz,Counselor
Tulare County Mobile Unit
Vanessa Jimenez,Counselor
Virginia Murillo,Counselor
Virginia Rodriguez,Counselor


Dr Virks Dental Office
Dr. Akira Hamaoka,D.D.S.
Dr. Feras Alrezk
Dr. Kanwal Virk,B.D.S.,D.D.S.
Dr. Kenneth Logan,D.D.S.
Dr. Ma. Victoria Ruiz,D.D.S.
Dr. Marilice Silveira,D.D.S.
Dr. Ronald Brady,D.D.S.
Ma Victoria Ruiz DDS

Family Medicine Doctors

Dinuba Rural Health Medical Center Inc
Dr. Gary Shannon,Family Medicine
Dr. Javier Elizondo,Family Medicine
Dr. Robert Jablonsky,Family Medicine
Dr. Ronald Ruminson,Family Medicine

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Alta Family Health Clinic
Dinuba Health Care Center


Dr. Glenn Kissinger,Internal Medicine


Dr. Sarvamitra Awasthi,Internal Medicine
Sarvamitra Awasthi, M.D., Inc.

Marriage and Family Therapists

Elsa Quintanilla,Mfti-Marriage And Family Therapist
Jose Martinez,Mfti-Marriage And Family Therapist
Josefina Ceja,LMFT-Marriage And Family Therapist
Kimberly Hoard Nasrul,LMFT-Marriage And Family Therapist
Maria Vaca,M.S. Degree-Marriage And Family Therapist
Melissa Rodriguez,LMFT-Marriage And Family Therapist
Raul Sanchez,Mfti-Marriage And Family Therapist
Sheryl Strum,LMFT-Marriage And Family Therapist


Wanda Mcdonald,FNP

Nursing Homes

New Covenant Care Center-Dinu


Dr. Rene Charles,Obstetrics & Gynecology
G L Narayan Md Inc
Rene S. Charles Md Inc

Optical Services

Robert A Wayda OD
Robert B Farrell OD


Dr. Khusal Mehta,Pediatrics
Dr. Nurjehan Kurwa,Pediatrics
Dr. Preeti Verma,Pediatrics

Pharmacies and Other Medical Supplies

Maple Medical
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Walgreens Pharmacy
Wal-Mart Pharmacy

Rural Health Clinics

Central Valley Family Health/Dinuba
Dinuba Medical Center
Dinuba Medical Clinic
Dinuba Rural Health Center
Khusal Mehta, Md Rhc
Sierra Kings Family Healthcare-Dinuba
Women's Medical Clinic