How to Choose the Best Geriatric Care Manager?

geriatric care management
With hundreds of geriatric care managers nationwide, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. The key is to research your choices so you find a geriatric care manager that fits your needs and provides quality care. Below is a list of factors to consider when selecting a geriatric care manager:

1. Location: The geriatric care manager should be within a comfortable driving distance from your location so conditions like weather will not prevent or delay a visit.

2. Quality: Quality is often overlooked but extremely important. is the only place that gives you a quality score to assist you in choosing a geriatric care manager. The quality score is the percentage of people who rated their geriatric care manager on and said they received quality care. When it's available, you'll find the quality score on the geriatric care manager's profile page.

3. Recommendations: Word of mouth recommendations can tell us whether we can get along with providers on a personal level. Ask friends, family, and other associates if they have had experiences with the geriatric care managers on your list.

4. Availability: Many geriatric care managers have limited availability. Try to locate a geriatric care manager that will fit into your needs.

5. Services offered: Services offered by a geriatric care manager and the fees assoicated with the services will vary.

6. Credentials, education, and experience: Interview the geriatric care manager. Ask the geriatric care managers on your list what credentials, education, and licenses they hold. Ask how much experience they have as a geriatric care manager. Ask about their fees. Please visit questions to ask a geriatric care manager for more questions you should ask during the interview.

7. Reviews: Research online reviews-they are a valuable resource. They can give you a better picture of whether patients received quality care with the geriatric care manager.

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Use the geriatric care manager search tool below to locate geriatric care management in your area. With the report generated, you can view quality information, reviews and ratings, exceptional healthcare workers at geriatric care management facilities (we call them Care Stars), photos, services provided, contact information, driving directions, and much more. When contacting the geriatric care manager, please be sure to mention you saw them on

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