What is Public Health Dentistry?

Public health dentist
Public health dentistry is concerned with the community's overall dental health. According to the American Association of Public Health Dentistry (AAPHD), they are committed to:
  1. Promotion of effective efforts in disease prevention, health promotion and service delivery
  2. Education of the public, health professionals and decision-makers regarding the importance of oral health to total well-being
  3. The expansion of the knowledge base of dental public health and fostering competence in its practice.
Public health dentists provide programs and services that address oral health issues (this may or may not include dental services like exams and cleanings. Please contact the dentist to find out what services they provide).

What are board certified public health dentists?

AAPHD certified public health dentists must successfully complete at least two years of advanced educational preparation for the practice of dental public health and possess one or more years of full-time experience in the practice of dental public health sciences, which may include administration, teaching, research, or clinical practice related to dental public health.

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