Tips to Keep Your Orthodontia Retainer Safe

After orthodontia work is completed, retainers are used to maintain the positioning of your corrected teeth. Often, orthodontists encourage wearers to use throughout the day. This creates a problem for retainer users when snack and mealtimes occur during the day. Here are a few tips to help you keep your retainer for a long time.

1. It should be in your mouth most of the time, but when it’s not, it needs to be in the retainer container.

2. Never place it on your lunch tray or in a napkin. These are the most common ways retainers are lost everyday.

3. Keep your retainer case with you, especially during meal times.

4. Have a standard place you keep your retainer. Specific pocket in your backpack or area of a purse.

Tips on how to keep your retainer clean

Keeping your retainer clean will make it will last longer. There are many effective methods for keeping your retainer clean.

1. Brushing your teeth before inserting your retainer is one of the best methods. This insures that no food particles from your mouth are trapped insider your retainer while in use.

2. Carefully brush both the inside and outside surfaces of your retainer.

3. Occassionally soaking your retainer in a safe cleaner made especially for retainer cleaning, such as Retainer Bright,is also a good way to clean your retainer. Retainer soak cleaners are available at your local drug store.

4. NEVER use hot or boiling water to clean your retainer.

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