Services Provided By a Dentist

Most dentist offices offer the following services:

1. Oral Exam: a physical inspection of your gums, teeth, tongue and palate by the dentist. Abnormalities are addressed and documented at each visit with recommendations for the patient on what should be done for best oral health.

2. X-Rays: the dental hygienist is responsible for taking your x-rays which are only needed once a year, unless a new problem erupts. These x-rays will show any weaknesses in teeth or gum which may need to be addressed, immediately or down the road.

3. Teeth Cleaning: is typically performed by a dental hygienist and sometimes a dentist. The procedure removes plaque and tarter from your teeth using instruments. Afterward,the hygienist offer advice on how to keep your teeth and mouth the healthiest.

4. Cavities: is a small hole in your tooth. Cavities form when plague causes decay which eats at your tooth. Unfortunately, a cavity cannot go away on it’s own with time, you must see a dentist in order to fill the hole. Dentists will use amalgam to fill in the hole in your tooth caused by the cavity.There are two types of amalgam- silver and white(natural color of your tooth). Please discuss with your dentist the type of amalgam (ingredients) they will use prior to filling your cavity. White colored amalgam is a little more costly, but is unnoticeable after the procedure is complete whereby silver amalgam is noticeable.

5. Teeth Whitening: is the process by which your teeth will become whiter. There are many over the counter products now: mouthwash, toothpaste, strips, and gels for patients to consider as well as getting professional help from a dentist to whiten your teeth. There are two types of tooth whitening: bleaching and non-bleaching. Bleaching produts remove deep and surface stains and actually change the natural color of your teeth. Non-bleaching whitening remove surface stains only and retain the natural tooth color.Please discuss your desire for tooth whitening with your hygienist or dentist at your next visit.

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