Dental Care for Special Needs Children

Most pediatric dentists have training to provide care to pediatric patients/children with special needs. Some special needs children can be susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. Medications and diets may also be detrimental to special needs children's dental health. Pediatric physicians can work with your children (and you) to produce effective dental habits at home. Children who have physical difficulties in brushing their teeth may also receive assistive aids that make the job easier to perform, such as longer handles.

Some special needs children need more support than a gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable during dental treatment. Restraint or mild sedation may benefit your special child. If a child needs extensive treatment, the pediatric dentist may provide care at a local hospital. Your pediatric dentist has a comprehensive education in behavior management, sedation and anesthesia techniques. He or she will select a technique based on the specific health needs of your child, then discuss the benefits, limits and risks of that technique with you.

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