How to Select the Best Birthing Center

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Choosing a birthing center is an important decision. The key is to create your birth plan early, so that you allow yourself enough time to research your choices.

Some factors to consider when selecting a birthing center:

1. Determine which type of birthing center (stand-alone or hospital based) you'd prefer to use
2. If you'd like to have your baby at a stand-alone birthing center, verify with your doctor that you meet all the requirements
3. Select a birthing center that is easy to get to from your home and work
4. Verify the birthing center takes your insurance
5. Verify the services and amenities available at the birthing center meet your birth plan
6. If you already have a doctor selected, verify your doctor has privileges at the birthing center
7. Tour the birthing centers on your list to see where you feel most comfortable.
8. Research online reviews-they are a valuable resource. They can give you a better picture of whether patients received quality care at the birthing center.

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Birth centers are also known as: birthing centers, labor and delivery center, labor ward, maternity ward, & labor and delivery wing