Home-Like Amenities Provided by Birthing Centers

birth center amenities
Many women choose to give birth at birthing centers because they are able to enjoy a home-like atmosphere while having a natural birth.

How do they make it home-like? They provide you with a comfortable environment, which may include one or more of the following:

1. A private room with soothing colors and lighting.
2. Ability to eat and drink during labor. Some may even provide a kitchen for cooking.
3. Ability to wear whatever clothes make you feel comfortable.
4. Provide entertainment like music, TV, movies, and internet.
5. Friends and family are able to be present for labor and delivery if desired.
6. Large queen size beds.
7. Birthing tubs or whirlpools may be provided for water births.
8. Women are able to act more freely during birth, which includes walking, squatting, use of a labor ball, showers that can be used during labor, etc.
9. Infants are usually roomed with the mom after birth (whereas the hospital labor ward generally takes the baby to the nursery).
10. Beds may be available for guest to stay with you.
11. Ability to decide not to use pain medicine.

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