Questions to Ask an Assisted Living

When you contact or tour an assisted living, you should consider asking them these questions:
  1. Ask about costs and if there are any special fees.
  2. Is there a doctor on staff? If so, when does he or she visit?
  3. Can a senior's own doctor continue to follow their care in the assisted living?
  4. Is there an activities program? If so, what types of activities occur on a regular basis?
  5. Pet ownership (be as specific as possible about the size and type of pet) or pet visitation polices.
  6. If the resident smokes, ask if smoking allowed.
  7. Do the apartments have a kitchen area?
  8. Is there an elevator?
  9. What types of security is present on site? Is there a security guard on duty? What hours? Where?
  10. Can the senior bring their own car? If not, what are the transportation services available should the need arise?
  11. Is there limit to amount of visitor’s parking spaces?
  12. Who can I turn to if I have a complaint? What is the process of resolution?
  13. What kind of personal belonging such as furniture, wall hanging etc. can be bought into the facility?
  14. Are there any shopping centers, stores, or pharmacies located within walking distance of the assisted living?
  15. Ask about their fire safety policies --are there smoke alarms and sprinklers? Are fire drills performed? What is their plan if an actual fire happens?

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