Levels of Care at an Assisted Living

assisted living
Each assisted living may arrange their levels of care differently, for some there is level 1 through 3, another may classify according to dependency – independent to maximum care provided.

It is important to ask what scale the assisted living is using in order to be able to compare between assisted livings for services and pricing. It is also important to understand, with the assisted living's help, what triggers a jump in the level of care (and costs). Here are some basic definitions to get you started:

1. Independent: The resident needs minimal assistance with basic care or daily activities.

2. Minimum care: The resident needs occasional assistance in daily activities but primarily can care for themselves.

3. Moderate care: The resident requires regular assistance with specific daily activities.

4. Maximum care: The resident is dependent on caregivers to perform daily activities. Staff monitors medication use.

5. Special needs/care units: such as a dementia unit for those residents, who may wander out of the building.

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