How to Pick an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Provider

Choosing a substance abuse treatment provider can be a difficult decision. Here are a few things you should consider in your search:
  1. Find a treatment program that specializes in the care you need. (Some programs can be gender, age, or diagnosis specific)
  2. Ask if there is a wait list to get into the program.
  3. Ask if the treatment center provides any support after the program is completed.
  4. Verify the provider takes your insurance. Inquire with your insurance carrier about the type of coverage you have available-inpatient, outpatient, group, or individual. Be sure to ask the amount of days and/or visits they will cover.
  5. If you have no insurance or your insurance doesn't cover treatment, ask the provider how much the treatment will cost and the payment plan options.
  6. Ask if family or friends allowed to visit. (If an inpatient treatment program is needed)
  7. Ask how you sign up for the program.
Substance abuse treatment is also known as: alcohol abuse treatment, drug abuse treatment, drug rehab, substance abuse treatment programs, substance abuse treatment centers, & alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

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